Classes. Prices

Dear friends,

We will be happy to meet you at the private classes with Maestro Sebastian Arce. Classes are given during the Festivals or other trips. Please, contact us in order to get an exact schedule and book classes.

Prices of the private classes with Maestro Sebastian Arce

  • Private classes. Prices from 100 euros to 150 euros (7500 rub to 10500 rub). Price depends on the number of classes and the level of the students/couples — Amateur, ProAmateur, Professional. Also there is a difference in the prices depending on the time of dancing during the class.
  • Room’s rent is established by the local organizer  (11 euros/ 700 rub per hour). Paid in advance.
  • The length of 1 class  is 45 minutes length.
  • Price is the same for single dancers or couples
  • For Russia — the price of the private class can’t be lower than the current price in rubles and can be calculated according to the current exchange rate.

Mini-groups with Maestro Sebastian Arce

  • Mini-groups are organized by the request of the students, for 2 and more couples.
  • Prices for 1 couple in the format of mini-group vary up to 90 euros. Price depends on the number of couples and number of classes.
  • The length is 60 minutes length.

Both options should be booked no less than 2 weeks before.

If you require any further information we shall be happy to let you have this, on request.

Please contact us by mail: